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Little Diner’s gorditas—stuffed pockets of fried dough whose soft-yet-crunchy texture resembles a southern-style corncake—are made of corn from nearby Anthony, which is stone-ground at the restaurant and mixed with red chile sauce to add a bit of heat and color. The pocket is filled with beef seasoned with black pepper and local chiles, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and yellow cheese. The crispy exterior, spicy filling, cool vegetables, and addictive salsa combine to produce one of my favorite El Paso treats.

Damon Benningfield — Texas Highways, September 2011

Ask anyone in town. They are accustomed to pilgrims getting lost on a quest for the flautas and gorditas that may be the best in West Texas...... The gorditas....have an earthy corn taste and moist insides with just a hint of flaky crust outside. Many cafes in the region serve them, but the Little Diner’s are notable for their refined texture and gay orange hue.

Gourmet Magazine, September 1995

The most understated up-classing of the local cuisine to be found along the interstate. The food is light and produced with fine, fresh ingredients. The comforting sight of freshly skinned green chiles with seeds still clinging to their damp flesh is one of the reasons the green enchiladas are a must." "the gorditas are a draw.

Westway Magazine, September 1992

Difficult to find, patrons of the Little Diner are amply rewarded when dinner is served......a taste of border regional Mexican cooking that locals favor (and usually save for themselves).

El Paso, The Texas Monthly Guidebook by Eric O’Keefe, 1996

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Flautas, which means flutes, are tightly rolled,crisp-fried tortillas packed with either seasoned chicken or beef. The chicken is moist and savory; the beef is brisket, cooked until falling-apart tender then hand shredded...this well-nigh perfect piece of food is finger fare: pick it up and crunch away; juices from inside will dribble down your chin.

Eat Your Way Across the U.S.A., Jane and Michael Stern, 1997

The Little Diner’s specialty, made-from-scratch, crunchy but moist and meaty gorditas, keep a stream of customers addicted.

The El Paso Times, September 7, 1995

Folks travel miles to sample the famous gorditas and flautas......The flautas....make perfect dip-sticks for Lourdes’ shameless salsa.

Cafe Hopping In The Southwest, Sunny Conley,1996

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